Lil Wayne dropped Dedication 5. Seriously. It's out.

Date: August 31

The story behind the release of Lil Wayne's Dedication 5 mixtape is perhaps more interesting than the project itself. Ready?

It started last Sunday, with rumors of potential artwork and an August 30th release date. The supposed artwork turned out to be accurate, and the release date was supposed to be accurate too. A few hours later, however, we found out that Wayne had delayed the release because he wanted to record a few more tracks. Then on Friday night, after his concert in San Francisco, Wayne said he'd sent the finished project to DJ Drama. But we still didn't have any music.

By Saturday morning, "Before Dedication 5 Drops" had become a trending topic on Twitter—a string of hashtag jokes about things that would happen before new Wayne music actually came out. ("Tupac gonna resurect and put out 3 albums before Dedication 5 drops.") But all this showed is how much more impatient we fans have become in the era of instantaneous Internet. After all, how does a couple days delay of Dedication pale compare to the decade-plus we've been waiting for Detox?

Finally, at 4 o'clock this morning, it arrived. (Thanks A LOT, Wayne! You owe me a night's sleep.)

For those that are curious, the project is 29-songs long, has appearances ranging from The Weeknd and Lil Chuckie to Future and T.I. The subject matter is his stadard fare: pussy, weed, money, pussy. But on certain songs, Weezy sounds more focused than he has in recent years. And most of the guest verses come out stellar—his fellow artists eager to shine in the spotlight that only a Lil Wayne mixtape can provide. —Dharmic X

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